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Learn Perl from the NewTech experts. This class is a comprehensive, full immersion Perl training class, that offers everything you need to start writing Perl applications immediately. Click here for more info.

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Perl Training: The Perl Programming Bootcamp™

NewTech's training is getting rave reviews. Click here to view the student feedback.

Course Name: Perl Programming Bootcamp™

Brief Perl Training Description: Focused object oriented fundamentals of Perl with advanced concepts and facilities.

Duration: 4 Full Days

Format: Instructor-led, hands-on

Prerequisites: This Perl training assumes the student has a working knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS. If the student does not have this knowledge, please call to discuss. This Perl training course runs Tuesday through Friday, so the previous Monday is often used to teach these topics.

Assumed Audience: Programmers

Course Materials: 800+ pg text on Perl, Resource Pack with CD

Perl Training Course Description Summary: This is a fast paced, in depth course on development with Perl. The course focuses on the fundamentals of the Perl, as well as important topics such as object oriented design, security and data access.

Perl Programming BOOTCAMP: The Perl Training Outline

1 - Basic Perl Syntax

a.  Headers
b.  Comments
c.  Blocks
d.  Operators
e.  Scalar Variables

2 - Perl Training Control Structures:

a. Introduction
b. Algorithms
c. Pseudocode
d. Control Structures
e. if and unless Selection Structures
f. if/else and if/elsif/else Selection Structures
g. while and until Repetition Structures
h. do/while and do/until Repetition Structures
i. foreach Repetition Structure
j. Special Variable $_
k. Loop Control Shortcuts: grep and map
l. Case Study: Computing Mean, Median and Mode
m. Loop Controls: The next Statement
n. Loop Controls: The last Statement
o. Loop Controls: The redo Statement
p. Block Labels
q. Bare Blocks
r. Logical Operators
s. Using Logical Operators for Flow Control
t. Error Functions: die and warn
3 - Arrays and Hashes

a. Introduction
b. Additional Data Types
c. Lists and List Context
d. Arrays
e. Creating and Manipulating an Array
f. Repetition with the for Structure
g. Additional Examples of Creating Arrays
h. Array Manipulation
i. Array Functions
j. List Functions
k. Searching Sorted Arrays
l. Linear Search
m. Binary Search
n. Introduction to Hashes
o. Creating and Manipulating a Hash
p. Hash-related Functions

4 - Subroutines and Functions

a. Introduction
b. Subroutines in Perl
c. User-defined Subroutines
d. Argument Lists
e. Returning Values
f. Other Ways to Invoke a Subroutine
g. Random-Number Generation
h. Scope Rules: Global, Lexical and Dynamic
i. Namespaces, Packages and Modules
j. Defining a Package and Importing it with require
k. Modules and the use Statement
l. Other Features of the use Statement
m. Pragmas

5 - Perl Training: Introduction to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

a. Using to Generate HTML
b. Sending Input to a CGI Script
c. Using HTML Forms to Send Input
d. Using to Create Forms and Read Input
e. Other Headers

6 - Regular Expressions

a. Introduction
b. Matching Operator m//
c. Substitution Operator s///
d. Special Characters and Character Classes
e. Alternation
f. Quantifiers
g. Quantifier Greediness
h. Assertions
i. Backreferences
j. More Regular-Expression Modifiers
k. Global Searching and the /g Modifier

7 - Perl Training: String Manipulation

a. Quotes and Quote Operators
b. "Here" Documents
c. Basic String Functions
d. chop and chomp functions
e. index and rindex Functions
f. Function join
g. Function split
h. tr/// Translation Operator
i. Formatting Outputs with printf and sprintf
j. Printing with Field Widths and Precision
k. Using Flags in the printf Format Control String
l. Evaluating Strings as Perl Code

8 - File Processing

a. Data Hierarchy
b. Filehandles
c. Opening and Closing Filehandles
d. Using Filehandles
e. @ARGV Special Variable
f. Other Ways to Read from Files
g. Implementing a Random-Access File

9 - Perl Training: File and Directory Manipulation

b. File Tests and sysopen
c. Permissions
d. File Manipulation
f. File Globbing
g. Directory Handles and Manipulation

10 - Perl Training: Perl References

b. References
c. References to Nonscalars
d. Anonymous Structures
e. Closures
f. References as Function Arguments
g. Nested Data Structures
h. Garbage Collection and Circular References
i. Symbolic References
j. Typeglobs
k. Referencing Filehandles
l. Uses for References

11 - Objects and Modules

b. Using a Class
c. Creating a Simple Class
d. Inheritance
e. Overriding Methods
f. Other Class Relationships: Multiple Inheritance, Composition and Containment
g. Base Class UNIVERSAL
h. Encapsulation: Public vs. Private
i. Closure Method
j. Implicit Functions
k. AUTOLOAD Function
l. Tied Variables

12 - Perl Training: Databases, SQL and Perl Database Interface (DBI)

j. Introduction to DBI
k. Working with DBI
l. Manipulating a Database with DBI
m. DBI and the Web
n. DBI Utility Functions

13 - Session Tracking and Cookies

b. Uses of Storing Data
c. Methods of Storing Data
d. Query Strings
e. Hidden Fields
f. Cookies
g. Server-side Files

14 - Extensible Markup Language (XML)

b. Simple API for XML (SAX)
c. Parsing XML with XML::Parser


When the student leaves the course... the developer/student will confidently be able to develop within Perl and compose sound Perl syntax. The student will develop a basic understanding of object oriented design concepts and within a project, will be poised to take control of any Perl code and do maintenance and coding. The student will know the value in variable scope and what the scoping of procedures and variables means to a Perl application. The student will have a foundational understanding of data access in Perl.

This course is delivered upon request, at the North Haven CT facility or onite.

When you attend from out of state, we cover your lodging.

Contact us to set up your Perl class.

Click here for Pricing.

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