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Get the Whole Java platform quickly with our Java training programs. If you need Java fast, these Java training classes are for you. In four days, students Understand the size and scope of Java, the basics of creating classes, the Java API and the fundamentals of JDBC.

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Java™ Bootcamp Java Training

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Click here to check out our 1-Day Java Training and JSP Training and Weblogic training courses

“…This class was much better than previous developer courses I have taken…the instructor totally knew his material.” -Shawn Young, US NAVY

“I definitely feel I got a lot out of this Java training class. I feel I will be able to actually write and comprehend Java programs as needed.” – Mike Hixson, US NAVY

Java Training Course Name:

Java Bootcamp

Brief Java Training Course Description:

This training is focused on Java fundamentals. The content consists of an overview of the development environment, writing classes, using variables, writing methods, debugging, exception handling, file I/O, and Swing.

This is a highly flexible course that offers material for both beginners and seasoned developers. We customize it for each audience. The course covers topics such as: J2EE, Java API’s, Classes, Java Syntax, Error Handling, GUI design, File I/O, Data Access with JDBC.

Java Training Duration:

4 Full Days

Java Training Format:

Instructor-led, hands-on exercises

Java Training Prerequisites:

Basic programming knowledge is advised.

Assumed Audience for This Java Training:

Anyone who is new to the Java language and needs instruction on the fundamentals of writing Java based applications.

Java Training Course Materials:

500+ pg. text on Java, Resource Pack with CD

Java Training Course Description Summary:

This is a fast paced, intense BOOTCAMP-style Java training course on the fundamentals for programming with the Java™ language. The first day explains the development environment, classes, variables, and methods. The second day focuses more on control flow, exception handling, file I/O and Swing. The remaining days of the course cover core advanced topics.

The Java BOOTCAMP 4-day Hands-On Java Training Outline

  1. Java Language Overview

    1. History of Java
    2. Java Versions and the Sun Java Development Environment (JDK)
    3. Java Strategy: Platform Independence -- “Write once, run anywhere” approach
    4. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) explained.
    5. Bytecode, Native Code and the Java ‘sandbox’
    6. Integrated Development Environments for Java
  2. The Java Training Intro

    1. Object Oriented programming concepts in Java
    2. What are objects? Class instances
    3. Java API compared to other languages
    4. Java packages: importing and using
  3. Integrated Development Environments for Java

    1. Visual Age for Java
    2. Forte
    3. WebSphere Studio
    4. JBuilder
    5. Eclipse
    6. Detailed look at Java Training IDE for this class
  4. OOP Classes in Java - And Why You Care

    1. Class Structure, Class Declaration
    2. Constructors – every detail
    3. Methods – Explained
    4. Member Variables - Explained
  5. Java Training : Language, Syntax, Operators, and Variables

    1. Comments in Java Code
    2. Declaring and initializing Java variables
    3. Variable scope rules
    4. Literal types and reference types in the Java language
    5. Coding and Naming conventions in Java
    6. Proper use of Control Flow -- if, switch, for, while, do
    7. Operators, Casting
    8. Arrays: Declaring and creating arrays
    9. Using Arrays
    10. Access modifiers
    11. Use of the “static” keyword
    12. Use of the “this” keyword
  6. Advanced Java Class Design

    1. Inheritance in Java
    2. The “extends” keyword
    3. The Java “super” keyword
    4. Use of Public and Private on the Base Class and Sub Class
    5. Abstract Classes and the implements keyword
    6. Inner classes
  7. Java Exceptions and Error Handling

    1. Exceptions and Error Handling
    2. Try, Catch and Finally
    3. Throwing Exceptions
    4. Identify common types of exceptions and exception categories
    5. Best practices
  8. Input/Output (I/O) in Java

    1. Working with Streams in Java
    2. Reading from a file
    3. Writing/modifying a file
    4. Reading and writing text to file streams in Java
    5. File path manipulation: copy, create, move, delete
    6. Working with a properties file.
  9. GUI Design in Java with Swing (the JFC)

    1. Differences between Swing and AWT
    2. Understanding the AWT event model
    3. Fundamental Swing components
    4. JTextField, JLabel, JFrame, JPanel
    5. JTable, JApplet, JMenu, etc.
    6. Demystifying the Layout Managers
    7. Enabling Threads to interact with Swing components
    8. Best Practices for Swing application design
  10. Threading in Java

    1. Extending the Thread class
    2. Implementing the Runnable interface
    3. A look at the run method
    4. The life cycle of a thread in Java
    5. Thread Priority
    6. Synchronizing Threads
    7. Grouping Threads
  11. Java Training : The JDBC 2.0 API

    1. What does the JDBC API do?
    2. JDBC Drivers: what are they and how can they be obtained
    3. JDBC vs ODBC and UDA
    4. Two-tier and Three-tier models.
    5. SQL overview: writing effective SQL statements
  12. Establishing Database Connections in Java

    1. Overview of Drivers: what are they? how are they used?
    2. Loading a driver
    3. JDBC-ODBC Bridge: when to use and why?
    4. Opening a connection in Java
    5. JDBC URLs
    6. Connection Events: a look at the connection event model
    7. DriverManager Object
  13. Creating JDBC Statements in Java

    1. Prepared Statements: when to use them
    2. Creating Prepared Statements in Java
    3. Supplying arguments for a Prepared Statement
    4. Batch Updates
    5. In-Line SQL vs Stored Procedures
  14. The Java Processing of a ResultSet

    1. Cursors, cursor movement
    2. Types of ResultSets
    3. Manipulating a ResultSet
    4. ResultSet methods
    5. Scrollable and Updateable ResultSets
  15. Working with MetaData in Java

    1. ResultSetMetaData Object Overview
    2. ResultSetMetaData Methods
    3. ResultSetMetaData Fields
  16. Java Processing of the RowSet Object

    RowSet Object
    1. Overview of the RowSet object
    2. RowSet properties
    3. Traversing a RowSet
    4. RowSet Methods in Java
    5. RowSet Event Model
  17. Java and Core XML (Based on the W3C)

    1. History of XML
    2. Rules for creating an XML document
    3. Creating a "Well Formed" document
    4. When and when not to use XML in an application
    5. Applying a DTD - using the <!DOCTYPE> Tag
    6. Elements - using the <!ELEMENT> tag
    7. Attributes - using the <!ATTLIST> tag
    8. What is an XML Schema; using XML in Java
    9. Namespaces – using namespaces to differentiate tag names
    10. Data Types – using the predefined data types
    11. Complex Types – understanding and building complex types
    12. Simple Types – understanding and building simple types
    13. Setting restrictions for the XML document – using FACETS
  18. XML DOM

    1. What is DOM?
    2. When to use DOM: Advantages, disadvantages
    3. Practical uses
    4. Tree Structures – Using DOM to traverse an XML document
    5. Programming XML Data Structures
    6. Using DOM in a Java class file
    7. Creating XML documents using the DOM
    8. DOM and Databases - A powerful combination
    9. XSLT overview
    10. Using XSLT with DOM in an application
  19. SAX

    1. What is SAX?
    2. When to use SAX: Advantages, disadvantages
    3. Serial processing - as opposed to object models
    4. Practical uses
    5. DocumentHandler – processing elements, attributes
    6. ErrorHandler - trapping errors
    7. DTDHandler - Reading the DOCTYPE information
    8. EntityResolver - Effective Processing of entities
    9. Data extraction using SAX
    10. Creating an XML document using SAX


We do tailor this Java training to your precise requirements upon request.

To customize anything you see here please Contact Us.


When the student leaves the course... the developer/student will be knowledgeable in creating Java™ classes, and coding the Java™ syntax with confidence. The student completing this Java training will be able to expertly write File I/O processes and create Graphical User Interfaces with SWING.

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Click here to see our 1-Day Java Training and JSP Training.


“This was excellent content, well presented with the right amount of exercises.” – Hoyt Davis, US NAVY

“This was not any easy class and the instructor provided all the info I needed to get, in an easy-to-understand format….This was a very good class!” -- Czeslawa McDonald, SODEXHO USA





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