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Primate Programming News

Chimps "Get" VB.NET & ASP.NET Training
Simplicity of Microsoft's .NET Technology Triggers
IT Evolution

MENLO PARK, CA — People laughed when Mark Bajek purchased his first chimpanzee and trained it to perform software maintenance, do system testing and create Crystal Reports ™. No one is laughing now.

His company, Primate Programming Inc, has received 10 million in 1st round financing from... Full Story

Interview with Mark Bajek
Primate Programming Pioneer

DES MOINES, IOWA — Mark Bajek is acknowledged as a great entrepreneur and the world’s Primate Programming pioneer-- and spokesman. His company, Primate Programming Inc, received 10 million in first round financing in 2003 from 5 prominent VC firms. His clients now include many of the Fortune 500.

We met at the PPI campus in Des Moines Iowa. I did not know exactly how to dress and went casual. What I found was an erudite, cordial and impeccably dressed... Full Story

Higher Primates Can Program After VB.NET Training

Smarter Software Leads to ‘Primate Programming’ Research

SAN DIEGO, CA— Here at the San Diego zoo, experiments last month with baboons have proved that higher primates can perform software testing, traverse complex menus, and code simple XML schemas. The finding have implications for the entire software industry, with some scientists predicting routine programming such as maintenance and report writing will be performed by teams of primates within 10 years. McAuliffe’s work build on research which supports the view that... Full Story


Top Stories

Without .NET Training, Some IT Workers To Be Reclassified As “Skilled Clerical Staff” by 2010
Software and Internet Rendering Certain Classes of Programmers Obselete

SAN DIEGO, CA— The 2010 Decennial Census Advisory Committee (DCAC) has announced policy changes regarding occupational titles. Beginning with the 2010 Decennial Census, occupation descriptions such as, “Developer,” “Systems Analyst,” ‘Programmer,” “Analyst,” “Computer Consultant” or similar combination will be phased out. Any such entries will be tabulated in a generic... Full Story

Developer Nation

Programmers to Lead Many Western Governments by 2025

WASHINGTON, DC — Software developers worldwide are quietly assuming positions of great power in most Western governments, according to The Cato Institute, a think tank based here in Washington, DC. The Director of Public Policy, Dr. Clifford Dexter, has authored the Cato report “Developer Nation: How Software Development is Changing Western Politics”.
According to the study, the ongoing growth in software technology is altering the face of...  Full Story

Conversions Growing In Number At User Group Meetings with .NET Training
Java developers report “new meaning” in their lives after hearing about C#.NET

NEW YORK, NY — Michael Copley used to program open source projects in Java. After attending just one .NET user group meeting in New York City, he’s got religion—and a new programming language.
“I was just drifting, but now my programming life has meaning,”, explained Copley, 28, and a NYC native. “My open source lifestyle was wild, and I loved swapping code with...“ Full Story
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