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September 16, 2010 8:00AM to 5:30PM


Expect a great day of learning from everyone attending, including:

Jean Tabaka of RALLY, Steven "Doc" List of Thoughtworks, Johanna Rothman of Rothman Consulting Group, Amr Elssamadisy of Gemba Systems, Dan Mezick of New Technology Solutions, Jochen Krebs of incrementor, Christopher Avery...and more !

Examine the Learning Objectives for this Event

Join the Agile Boston user group as we gather for AGILE BOSTON OPEN SPACE 2010 on Thursday September 16 2010, at the WESTIN HOTEL in Waltham Massachusetts.

Click here for directions to the WESTIN HOTEL in Waltham MA

This is a full day of learning with a keynote and additional sessions in the AM and then even more Open Space sessions in the afternoon.



NOTE: All of these AM speakers plan to convene Open Space sessions in the afternoon !! addition, the following domain experts are committed to convening Open Space sessions in the afternoon:

OPEN SPACE CONVENER DAN LEFEBVRE BIO....domain expert in Agile and Scrum coaching
OPEN SPACE CONVENER MIKE COTTMEYER BIO...domain expertise in enterprise Agile solutions
OPEN SPACE CONVENER JOCHEN "JOE" KREBS author and domain expert in coaching, Scrum, and teams
OPEN SPACE CONVENER CHRISTOPHER AVERY author and domain expert in personal responsibility
OPEN SPACE CONVENER MICHAEL DE LA MAZA BIO...domain expert in Agile games, Scrum, teams
OPEN SPACE CONVENER HUGH BEYER BIO...domain expert in User Experience and Agile teams
OPEN SPACE CONVENER DAMON POOLE BIO...domain expert in Agile tools, Scrum, Kanban
OPEN SPACE CONVENER SHIVANI CARROLL BIO...domain expert in Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
OPEN SPACE CONVENER JAY VOGT author and domain expert in Grounded Visioning, a team vision creation technique based on Appreciative Inquiry


Come and learn the latest techniques and trends in Agile, Lean, Kanban and Scrum. Come and learn from experts on all of these, plus organizational learning, collaboration via facilitation, and more!! We have dozens of great speakers lined up for a great day of community learning, socializing and fun.


The theme of this event is "People and Interactions". Both people and interactions are at the core of the Agile Manifesto. Teams focusing on practices can miss the mark-- if a corresponding focus on the people and their interactions is missing. Attending this event means you are sure to learn about the following:

0. Learn techniques to help scale Agile 'up' from set of teams... to the larger enterprise

1. Learn why engaging a Coach is essential as you climb the Agile learning curve. How to select a Coach

2. Learn how to migrate traditional Project Managers to genuine Agile ways, inside your organization (it's do-able!)

3. Why a focus on people and interactions reaps IMMEDIATE benefits for your Agile adoption

4. Learn how to properly groom a Product Backlog; how to select and be an excellent Product Owner

5. Learn how specific healthy interactions you can implement NOW are at the root of successful Agile practice

6. Learn how to spot leverage points-- and risks-- in your specific situation BEFORE you adopt Agile practices

7. Examine with Agile experts, at this event: how your current HR policies can derail your best Agile efforts

7a. How to craft HR & compensation policies to match your intentions for successful Agile adoption

8. Learn about team authorization in Scrum, the "secret sauce" for hyper-productive teams

9. Examine with experts at this event: How systems thinking can help you debug your hardest Agile problems

10. Learn how to tailor Scrum to your exact requirements and situation

11. How clearly specified, agreed-upon and adhered-to VALUES can help your teams quickly self-organize

12. Learn specific techniques and tools for identifying your current obstacles to Agile, and how to eliminate them

13. Learn exactly how Agile frameworks like Scrum encourage highly productive, self-organizing teams

14. Discover how clearly defined constraints and boundaries create potential for very high team productivity

15. Learn how to use automated tools for testing and test-driven development

16. Discover how to reach the next level in your adoption of Agile by leveraging your Project Managers

17. Learn about 10 specific things you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for adopting authentic Agile in your organization


Who Can Benefit Most from Attendance:

Decision Makers, Managers, Developers and Project Sponsors who are NEW TO AGILE

Experienced Agile Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Coaches

PMP-certified and other project managers who want to extend their Agile knowledge & skills

Developers and Testers and others who are affected by Agile and Scrum initiatives at work

This festive event includes great speakers, great food, great socializing, and great Agile authorities-- including Jean Tabaka of RALLY, Steven "Doc" List of Thoughtworks, Johanna Rothman of Rothman Consulting Group, Amr Elssamadisy of Gemba Systems, Dan Mezick of New Technology Solutions, Jochen Krebs of incrementor...and more !


However, these speakers are not the star of the show-- YOU are.

Pic: Open Space session from the 4/28 event



This is an OPEN SPACE event!! If you have never attended an Open Space event, you are in for a lot of fun !

For this event, the morning agenda is fixed, and the invited speakers present sessions, in a standard classroom-style format.

But then after lunch, the agenda for the rest is self-organized by the attendees, with guidance and assistance from our World-class facilitator: Steven "Doc" List.

The Open Space format provides you with an opportunity to talk about the topics that are important to you.

You will create the agenda, and in doing so you will have the chance to focus discussions on the things you care about, want to learn about, and want to share.

Whether you're new to Scrum and want to learn more, or experienced in leading Agile teams and want to learn what's working for others, bring it here and propose and "convene" a session.

Open Space is a working example of self-organization and community ownership in action. The format is being used throughout the world to facilitate group decision making in organizations of all sizes.

Learn more about the OPEN SPACE conference format via these links:

The History of Open Space by Open Space originator Harrison Owen

Open Space California- Web Site of the annual event hosted by Bay APLN in SanFrancisco CS

Open Space World - Open Space Conference format described

Working in Open Space- A Guided Tour

Pictures of Open Space conferences

The Open Space User's Guide by originator Harrison Owen

For our event here, the OPEN SPACE event occurs after lunch.

In the morning we have Jean Tabaka giving the keynote, followed by several concurrent instructor-led breakout sessions from noted authorities like Amr Elssamadisy (author of the book AGILE ADOPTION PATTERNS) ..... Then lunch-- and the OPEN SPACE event !!

The speakers from the AM sessions are committed to participating in the OPEN SPACE as students, as teachers and as community members.


A convened session, from Agile Boston Open Space on 4/28/2010.

his promises to be a great event !

Examine the Learning Objectives for this Event

Our Sessions and Speakers: Click here to view all sessions


AMR ELSSAMADISY on Scaling Up by Scaling Down: A (re)Focus on Individuals and Interactions






MIKE COTTMEYER- noted authority on scaling Agile and a popular blogger at

CHRISTOPHER AVERY- Responsibility Guru

DAMON POOLE- CTO of Accurev, Kanban presenter at Agile Boston, all around good (Agile) guy

DAN LE FEBVRE- Highly skilled Agile coach serving the Boston region

JOCHEN KREBS- Noted Agile trainer and coach, and leader of the AgileNYC usergroup

MICHAEL DE LA MAZA- Scrum coach and trainer and leader of the SCRUM IN SCHOOLS initiative


NOTE: WE HAVE LIVE MUSIC with acoustic guitar during the lunch break

Please patronize our Sponsors !!

Please patronize our Sponsors !!

VersionOne- premier provider of agile project management tools for teams and entire enterprises

Rally- absolutely dedicated to making your development organization faster, leaner and more agile

Eliassen Group- IT Recruiters-- and Your Direct Line to IT Talent and Careers

Telerik- Comprehensive Testing Tools for Agile Teams using .NET and Visual Studio

AccuRev- Successfully scaling Agile processes across the enterprise





Register here to RESERVE YOUR SEAT


COST IS ONLY $69 ($49 before August 06) and INCLUDES LUNCH. Register here




NOTE: You have access to a VERY rich day of learning here. You are attending at least 2 sessions in the morning and at least 3 in the afternoon! The event includes lunch !

08:00AM Doors open, check in, socialize

08:15AM Welcome; Conference Opens (Dan Mezick of Agile Boston)

08:30AM Keynote by Jean Tabaka of RALLY

09:45AM BREAKOUT SESSIONS from Amr Elssamadisy, Dan Mezick, Johanna Rothman

11:00PM LUNCH. Live music. Socializing over some good food & beverages. NOTE: Please be sure to check out the SCRUM IN SCHOOLS display by the vendor area. Learn more about SCRUM IN SCHOOLS initiative here.

12:30PM AGILE OPEN SPACE EVENT: OPENING & ORGANIZATION with Facilitator Steven "Doc" List. We build an agenda in 1 hour, populating 3 timeslots with 8 sessions each, running concurrently. The Law of 2 Feet applies!! The Open Space format ground-rules allow you to move around, and experience each session as you see fit!!

01:30PM OPEN SPACE Part 1 (minimum of 8 sessions available)

02:30PM OPEN SPACE Part 2 (minimum of 8 sessions available)

03:30PM OPEN SPACE Part 3 (minimum of 8 sessions available)

NOTE: There are 24 sessions (3 timeslots each with 8 sessions) available to you during the afternoon Open Space segment !!

04:30PM AGILE OPEN SPACE EVENT:CLOSING THE SPACE with everyone, facilitated by our Open Space facilitator Steven "Doc" List.

05:30PM DONE-DONE.......and time to head over to the Westin Hotel bar !!

Examine the Learning Objectives for this Event


A convened session at the Open Space held on 4/28/2010



JEAN TABAKA- Our Event Keynote Speaker


Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow with Rally Software, is continuing on her 30 year path of learning about software development principles, processes, and practices for people. She seeks a humane approach to bringing high value to our communities of creators and consumers. Agile, Lean and Kanban are, for her, a natural progression in her thought expansion. Jean holds a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Jean is the author of “Collaboration Explained” and a variety of articles on Agile, organizational change, team dynamics, systems thinking, Lean thinking, and other peripheral topics. Jean blogs at and can be followed on twitter as @jeantabaka. When home in Boulder, CO, she’d invite you over for some wine and some music while gazing across her backyard over a Flat Iron Mountains sunset. Meanwhile, you can find her at

STEVEN "DOC" LIST- Facilitator of the Open Space

Steven “Doc” List (generally known as Doc) is currently a principal consultant with ThoughtWorks, a highly respected international technology consulting company. Doc’s focus is on organizational transformation and agile adoption.

Doc teaches agile and Scrum and delivers agile coaching for ThoughWorks. In this role, he has facilitated Open Space conferences all over the world and in recognized as an expert in facilitated group decision-making. Doc is active in helping lead the Agile community, most recently as the Stage Producer of the New To Agile Stage of the Agile2009 conference held in Chicago last August.

Doc's experience includes a software technology career spanning three decades. He has worked on all types of hardware and operating systems, multiple languages and environments.

NOTE: Doc is facilitating the Open Space during the entire day.


AMR ELSSAMADISY- Session Presenter in the AM

Amr Elssamadisy, a partner at Gemba Systems is a software development practitioner who helps his clients build better software that is more valuable to their organizations. Amr and his colleagues at Gemba Systems help both small and large development teams learn new technologies, adopt and adapt appropriate Agile development practices, and focus their efforts to maximize the value they bring to their organizations. Amr's technical background and experience in C/C++, Java/J2EE, and .NET, allows him to appreciate the problems of and support development teams 'in the trenches'.

NOTE: Amr is running a special, in-depth 1-Day Workshop on PERSONAL AGILITY in Waltham on Tuesday September 14. Learn more here.


One of Amr's books: Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success the same time, Amr teaches that most problems - even in software - are "people problems", and therefore are not solved by tools and technology. Therefore, Amr and his colleagues at Gemba Systems are focused on helping their clients build better software within their organizations by focusing on issues such as personal agility, team-building, communication, feedback, and all of the other soft skills that distinguish excellent teams. Amr is also the author of Agile Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success, and Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: The Technical Cluster. He is the lead editor for the AgileQ at InfoQ and a frequent presenter at software development conferences.


Johanna Rothman of Rothman Consulting Group works with companies to improve how they manage their product development--to maximize management and technical staff productivity and to improve product quality. Johanna is a prolific author on project management topics.

Johanna is a leader in the Agile community. She is most recently the Chair of the Agile2009 conference ( In her role as Chair of Agile2009, she is responsible for collaboratively leading a mostly-volunteer workforce, consisting of hundreds of people, to produce what is arguably the most important Agile conference in the world. Agile2009 drew 1350 attendees in 2009.

NOTE: Agile2009 was held August 2009 in Chicago IL. The 2010 conference in August in Orlando, FL.

Johanna is the author of Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase your Capacity and Finish More Projects

Johanna most recently gave a keynote at the BETTER SOFTWARE CONFERENCE/AGILE DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES confierence event held in June 2009 in Las Vegas. She is bring that session to you in her breakout session. Session description.

DAN MEZICK- Breakout Session Presenter and Event Organizer

Dan Mezick is an organizatonal change advisor, Agile coach, and the organizer of both Agile Boston and this event.

Dan is a trusted adviser to executives, directors and managers seeking guidance on organizational change and genuine expertise on Agile, Lean, Scrum, and Kanban. He is an invited speaker to Agile2007, Agile2008, Agile2009 and Scrum Gathering 2010 (Orlando)

At Agile2009 he organized the [Manifesting Agility] stage, where group-level Psychology and Cognition were granted formal, authorized space at the Agile conference for the very first time. Dan's articles on agile topics appear in Agile Journal and the Scrum Alliance web site. His session 'Team Intimacy and the Hyper-Productive State' was selected for presentation at the 2010 Scrum Gathering in Orlando.

Dan provides Agile coaching throughout the USA, focusing on New England and NYC. Dan's Agile coaching clients include The Hartford insurance company, Travelers Insurance, the Red Cross, Dun and Bradstreet, and several mid-market enterprises located throughout MA, CT and RI.

See Dan's Scrum Alliance profile here, and his more detailed profile here.

Examine the Learning Objectives for this Event


Register here to RESERVE YOUR SEAT


COST IS ONLY $69 ($49 before August 06) and INCLUDES LUNCH. Register here





Please patronize our Sponsors !!

VersionOne- premier provider of agile project management tools for teams and entire enterprises

Rally- absolutely dedicated to making your development organization faster, leaner and more agile

Eliassen Group- IT Recruiters-- and Your Direct Line to IT Talent and Careers

Telerik- Comprehensive Testing Tools for Agile Teams using .NET and Visual Studio

AccuRev- Successfully scaling Agile processes across the enterprise



Session Descriptions:



“I am a member of a community of thinkers.” This is the first line of a statement Liz Keogh, Eric Willeke and I crafted last December in Boulder. It came about as a result of a day of reflection, introspection, challenge, and “ futurespection” about our lives as software professionals. When we each posted articles containing the statement on our separate blogs, we invited others to take our text and publish it on their own blogs. Our intent was to assert the power of cooperation in inventiveness versus the derision of escalation that we were seeing in our Agile world.

Right now, we here today are laying the rockbed of our profession’s contribution to the 21st century. Join me in a journey of how we can and must act as a community of thinkers in creating our future. I would like to explore with you how we are a community of truly indispensable creators with individual strengths and immeasurable collective wisdom. I’ll share some direct professional experiences of my own about this work of community and thinking. I will share the power of collective visioning and I will contrast
the destructive nature of a confrontational or escalation approach to thought leadership. I’ll also warn you about the slow death of complacency.

Believing in the power and necessity of a community of thinkers, I request your willingness to embrace the truth of how you personally can and must be willing to play an integral role in the elevation of our 21st century craft. And not just in this wonderful day of Open Space. Creating and maintaining
this community of thinkers, I ask you to accept the richness of your genius self. Doing this enriches the community, enriches our craft, and enriches our contribution to the world. As Nelson Mandela said in his Presidential Inaugural address: “You do not serve the world by being small.” I am a
member of a community of thinkers. So are you.

Reference Link:

Keynote Learning Objectives:

- Our growth in Agile relies heavily on our willingness to take on personal growth; I provide my perspective on what that growth and commitment looks like

- Agile asks us to move out of command-and-control environments; I describe what I believe are important practices to consider in order to move to a more intrinsic motivation organization

- Our best chance at growth in any of these Agile areas is as a supportive and growth-oriented community: I describe what I believe such a community must look like... and what it must commit to doing, in order to move Agile forward mindfully and with intention


Morning Breakout Session: AMR ELSSAMADISY on: Avoiding Mediocrity: A (re)Focus on Individual Skills

NOTE: Amr is running a special, in-depth 1-Day Workshop on PERSONAL AGILITY in Waltham on Tuesday September 14. Learn more here. If you like the sound of this session and want to go deeper, you want to seriously consider attending Amr's class on September 14, two days before this big event.

Have you ever seen a successful pilot of agile techniques followed by miserable failure in wider adoption or scaling? The current focus for scaling Agile seems to be on practices, process, and tools. I assert that the success of any Agile adoption effort depends first on the individuals, their interpersonal and self-leadership skills, and the organization’s support of these skills.

Over the years I’ve come to believe that the number one reason for the success of any agile adoption effort are the individuals, their skills and their personalities. All other aspects of agile adoptions – that is the teams and their “gelling”, and the software development practices themselves are functions of individuals and their interactions. This does not mean they are not important – they are – but they are not primary. I’ll go further by saying that agile methods were so successful in the early days because they self-selected individuals with the proper skill set and pushed them to grow these skills.

This session is a mix of a survey and a tutorial. I plan to present a few models quickly and use them to pose questions and setup simple exercises.


* Understand and explain the essential connection between ownership behavior and agility. Recognize why and how people avoid ownership, and why and how people take it.

* Learn the fundamental relationship between a team and their assigned task. Discover why your group will not function as a team if their task is too small. Learn how scaling and distribution can either help or hurt this issue.

* Distinguish between responsibility and accountability, and understand the role of each in high performance product development teams.

* Recognize the essential role of peer accountability in a high performance software development team, what prevents peer accountability, and what you can do about it.

* Discover specific skills you can acquire individually which can transform your team or organization.

NOTE: Amr is running a special, in-depth 1-Day Workshop on PERSONAL AGILITY in Waltham on Tuesday September 14. Learn more here. If you like the sound of this session and want to go deeper, you want to seriously consider attending Amr's class on September 14, two days before this big event.

NOTE: Amr intends to participate fully in the Open Space in the afternoon



For typical organizations, getting started with Agile is rather difficult. New, unfamilar ways of working create collective uncertainty. The new, unfamilar Agile habits are hard to establish, while the ineffective old habits seem downright comforting in the face of all the worries about how to 'do Agile' right-- and what the actual Agile payoff is "going to be".

Implementing genuine Scrum practices is not simple, as people in organizations who try Scrum can tell you. Implementing Lean principles is even more difficult. Almost all organizations have cultural beliefs, values and behavior that create very real resistance to effective adoption of Agile practices.

In the face of this, as a typical organization, what can you do now- to get some good results?

What if you could do some very simple things now, that cost little or nothing-- and get great results?

What if you could immediately do a few key things now, that are "low effort" -- and make a very big impact?

What if, instead of starting with Scrum, you could start in an even simpler way-- and get immediate results?

Take a step back. Attend this session to find out about:

1. Why getting to genuine and authentic Scrum is a culture shock

2. How your culture is in conflict with the Agile Manifesto-- and Scrum Values.

2. Why your Agile and Scrum efforts can go off the rails fast

3. SEVEN ACTIONS you can DO RIGHT NOW to get ready for Agile.

4. Why you care about the SEVEN THINGS-- and how they work.

5. How to GET GOING NOW with Agile without Scrum teams and trying to do Lean

6. How the SEVEN SIMPLE THINGS are related to and directly support Agile, Lean, and Scrum



Why do we insist on calling people “resources”? If software projects were a factory, people would be fungible—interchangeable equipment just like desks and computers. Because software development is highly creative work and not a manufacturing factory, we need to manage people as human beings, not as tasks or resources.

Johanna Rothman describes how to find and develop the right people for your teams and projects—people who fit your culture, share your values, and will become integral parts of your team. She explores what skills make a team great and how great managers model those skills and reward people who use them to help the project. Find out how to empower your team, including protecting it from bad influences, making sure the team has what it needs, and helping team members learn to be accountable to each other.

It’s the people working in teams—and not their managers—who make software projects successful. Learn more about Johanna Rothman




Dan LeFebvre is the founder of DCL Agility, LLC, a provider of agile and Scrum coaching, training, and transition services. He is the first Certified Scrum Coach in New England with over twenty years in software product development as a developer, manager, director, and coach. He has been applying agile practices to successfully deliver products since 2003.

Dan spent two years as the internal agile coach for Kronos, a Boston-based Software Company, where he coordinated and implemented Scrum within the 700 person engineering organization across all sites including Massachusetts, Atlanta, Chicago, Oregon, Montreal, British Columbia, Belgium and India. This resulted in increased visibility into the development process and a reduction in defects by 60% in 18 months.

Dan holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University. He is a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Professional, and Certified Scrum Coach. He has presented at the Scrum Gathering and local user groups and has contributed articles to the Scrum Alliance and Boston SPIN.

Dan plans to attend the Open Space as a convener and participant.


Mike Cottmeyer is an outspoken and prominent member of the Agile community. He has a background in traditional project management but has worked primarily with agile methodologies for the past four years. Mike's passion in Agile at the level of "enterprise". He is an expert on Kanban, a visual management method from Japan that is getting traction in the Agile community. A certified PMP Project Manager and a Certified ScrumMaster, Mike co-created the DSDM Agile Project Leader certification and holds Foundation, Practitioner, and Examiner level certificates. He was recently named an honorary member of the DSDM consortium. Learn more about Mike via this InfoQ video.

(NOTE: This picture may be from 1999-- or earlier !)


Jochen (Joe) Krebs ( is an agile coach, trainer and consultant. In 2005, Joe founded Incrementor (, a consulting company specialized in helping
organizations with the successful adoption of agile processes (Scrum, XP, Lean and other iterative-incremental processes) either on a corporate enterprise-level or team-level. His programs are characterized by a unique blend of knowledge transfer with hands-on work. In 2008/2009 he transformed AOL from waterfall to agile project management with Scrum which impacted the daily life of 3,000 employees around the globe.

Joe is the author of Agile Portfolio Management and the RUP Reference and Certification Guide and he speaks occasionally at local chapter events as well as conferences. He also published numerous articles in magazines about agile practices and processes. In 2007, Joe started AGILE NYC (, th Agile local user group in NYC. Agile NYC is also the organizer of the upcoming AGILE DAY 2010 on September 15th, a 1-day conference day from New Yorkers for New Yorkers.


Joe plans to convene and participate in Open Space sessions during the afternoon.


MICHAEL de la MAZA is an is Agile coach and trainer whose clients include Intuit, EMC, and Verizon Wireless. According to Dan Mezick (and many others) , Michael is a true innovator in the world of Agile training and is a leader in the development and leveraged use of Agile learning games.

Michael is the Agile Practice Lead at Knowledge United, and developed the nineteen course KnowAgile curriculum which is taught throughout the country. Prior to becoming an agile coach, Michael was VP of Corporate Strategy at Softricity, co-founded Answerfriend (now Inquira), and was a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT. Get more detail on Michael here.

NOTE: Michael plans to convene an Open Space session on Scrum in Schools, an initiative he leads to bring a high-quality, free curriculum to educators worldwide. He is also available to answer questions at the Scrum-in-School table, during lunch in the sponsor area.


CHRISTOPHER AVERY is a popular speaker, author, and international business advisor on responsible leadership, teamwork, and change. He wrote the popular classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone at work who thinks they must put up with bad teams.


Christopher is a Senior Consultant with the IT and Agile Project Management practices of the Cutter Consortium, a Boston-area think tank. He co-founded the Agile Project Leadership Network dedicated to connecting, developing, and supporting great project leaders. Christopher earned his Doctorate in the Communication of Technology from The University of Texas at Austin where he occasionally lectures. He is a Visiting Scholar at Capella University. The author of hundreds of articles and commentaries about individual and collective performance at work, Christopher is a popular source for the media and has been featured or quoted in Investors Business Daily, the Chicago Tribune, Training+Development magazine, HR Executive, NPR,, and among others.

Christopher is planning to convene sessions during the Open Space segment in the afternoon !



Damon Poole is Founder and CTO of AccuRev, a leading provider of Agile Development tools. Damon is a methodology and process improvement expert specializing in helping companies discover and implement their ideal process. His twenty years of experience spans the gamut from small collocated teams all the way up to 10,000-person shops doing global development. Damon is President of the Agile Bazaar in Boston and is a Certified Scrum Master. He writes frequently on the topic of Agile development, is the author of the web book "Do It Yourself Agile," and a pioneer in the area of Multistage Continuous Integration. Damon has spoken at SD Best Practices, Software Test & Performance, Q-Con, Deep Lean, Agile 2008 and 2009, and Agile Development Practices and has also consulted with numerous companies including Ford, Intercall, ITA Software, Orbitz, Texas Instruments, and Verizon Wireless. He earned his BS in Computer Science at the University of Vermont in 1987. His "Do It Yourself Agile" blog is at .

Damon plans to participate in the Open Space event.


HUGH BEYER says: "I plan to convene an Open Space session on the relationship between user experience groups and agile development teams--how agile teams can leverage the skills and experience of UX team members to better meet agile goals. I'd like to see UX people describing their world view to agile developers and vice versa, to foster a better understanding of what effective collaboration might look like."

Bio: Hugh Beyer has more than 25 years of experience building and designing applications, systems, and tools. He is co-founder and CTO of InContext Design, a company bringing user-centered design to development teams since 1992. Hugh was one of the pioneers working with Agile teams to bring a strong user interaction design focus to Agile development efforts, reconciling careful UX design with the fast iterations and minimal up-front planning core to Agile approaches.

Before co-founding InContext, Hugh acted as lead developer and architect in a range of systems at Digital Equipment Corp. His domains of experience include object-oriented repositories, databases, and integrated software development environments. Since starting InContext, Hugh has overseen the design of applications from desktop to web to mobile, and from enterprise to small business to consumers in the wide variety of industries supported by InContext. He holds a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard.


Shivani Gail Carroll is a Nonviolent Communication Trainer: Shivani Gail Carroll lives in Watertown, MA. Nonviolent Communication is a communication model based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. – also sometimes called Compassionate Communication or Authentic Communication. After a few years of NVC study and practice, Shivani attended and graduated from BayNVC's Intensive leadership program. She began teaching NVC as part of that program in 2006. Along with teaching NVC, she has a private practice in the Boston area, offering individual clients and couples NVC empathy and mediation. She was drawn to NVC as a strategy to bring authenticity, clarity and compassion into her professional and personal relationships. Her background also includes over two decades as a line producer in film and TV production. She also deeply values her practice of meditation.

NOTE (from Dan): Shivani plans to convene at least one session on NVC. Agile practices are useless without efficient and effective communication by and between members. While agile frameworks like Scrum encourage such communication, there is no guarantee. Communication techniques like NVC are a natural fit with Agile. People-- and interactions-- are the theme of this event.




Jay W. Vogt is an organizational development consultant with over twenty-five years of experience working mostly with fast growth businesses and nonprofit organizations. He founded Peoplesworth, his private practice, in 1982.

Jay is an accomplished facilitator, mediator, trainer, management consultant and coach. He is a master at facilitating large groups, having led over one hundred events averaging over one hundred participants each. He holds a master's degree in counseling from Antioch/New England and a B.A. from Hampshire College.

Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach, a new book by Praeger on his visioning work with clients.

NOTE from Dan: Jay's Grounded Visioning technique is a fast-foward method for helping a team develop a shared vision based on previous team experience and a focus on team greatness. The method is built upon Appreciative Inquiry. Jay's work is all about 'people and interactions". I am very much looking forward to the small-group sessions Jay is planning to convene in the afternoon Open Space !


Jason Tanner collaborates at Enthiosys as president. He provides over 18 years of experience with software companies, a telecom company and the US Marine Corps. His expertise spans Agile product management and marketing, business planning, partner relationships, and leadership. Jason most enjoys coaching teams to reach their full potential in product development and, more importantly, their best work life. He facilitates Innovation Games and is a CSM.

Jason plans to convene session on using games for Agile learning.




This event is attended by local, regional, and nationally recognized experts who are very deep in Agile expertise. This *SECOND* AGILE BOSTON OPEN SPACE event promises to be a very significant event for the Boston agile community. Those of you who attended on 4/28/2010 can expect a larger and even more vibrant event.

We have invited thought leaders from the Lean community, and other communities of practice that are Agile-related and strong in the Boston area.

If you have never experienced an Open Space event, you are in for a big surprise.

If you know the Open Space format, like on 4/28/2010, you know how much FUN these events are !!

I look forward to seeing you there !


Register here to RESERVE YOUR SEAT


COST IS ONLY $69 ($49 before August 06) and INCLUDES LUNCH. Register here




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VersionOne- premier provider of agile project management tools for teams and entire enterprises

Rally- absolutely dedicated to making your development organization faster, leaner and more agile

Eliassen Group- IT Recruiters-- and Your Direct Line to IT Talent and Careers

Telerik- Comprehensive Testing Tools for Agile Teams using .NET and Visual Studio

AccuRev- Successfully scaling Agile processes across the enterprise


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