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MicroStation™ Training

...from Cliff Dexter-- The MicroStation Master

Are you looking to GET GOING NOW with MicroStation?

Are you ready to do the ¡°deep dive¡± into the secrets of using MicroStation?

Are you looking for a fantastic value in online MicroStation training?

This is the place.


Hi. My name is Cliff Dexter and I teach MicroStation. I am a hard-core 3-D developer on MicroStation with over eighteen years of experience.

During these years I have used just about every module and feature point in the system. I have also made every mistake you can make with MicroStation.

I have logged over 17 thousand hours developing 2D drawings and 3D models in MicroStation.

I currently provide online MicroStation coaching and MicroStation training online, to selected students worldwide.


MicroStation training online: Cliff Dexter, at work.

The MicroStation Master™, at work

Contact me to discuss your specific situation, goals and objectives for using MicroStation.

One of the things about me is that am super-organized. My workspace (see picture) reflects this. When you purchase online Microstation training and coaching from me, you are not just getting access to my deep expertise in MicroStation. You are also getting all my detail-oriented and highly accountable approach to teaching MicroStation.

You can expect me to be on time and ready for each and every MicroStation training session you schedule. The training I deliver is guaranteed to be the highest quality and best value obtainable!

The online MicroStation training I deliver is appropriate for all kinds of students¡ªthe more advanced, the better. Of course I love teaching the most advanced students, because they have the best questions. If you have some experience, so much the better. In that case, I can provide you with Microstation coaching, my highly customized, advanced MicroStation training program.

I also like to teach new users of the MicroStation system. If you are new to MicroStation, I can save you hundreds and hundreds of hours struggling with manuals, searching the web, and using trial and error. Each hour with me is saving you about 10 hours of trial and error. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. You start getting value RIGHT AWAY when I am coaching you and the service is an excellent value.

If you are somewhat familiar with MicroStation, you will really appreciate the MicroStation training I personally provide online.

Some of my best students come to me with 50 to 100 hours invested in using the product.

Every online MicroStation training class I teach online is customized to fit your needs. When you buy online MicroStation training from me, what you are really getting is a Microstation coach and a roadmap that takes you through the entire product. I go through my MicroStation training roadmap with you, providing the theory, demos and practical applications that you need to gain mastery.

What I know has taken me over 18 years to achieve. When you purchase MicroStation training online, from me, what you are getting is the very best MicroStation training available. You get highly structured instruction from an expert who LOVES this product.

I provide online MicroStation training from 9AM to 10PM Eastern Standard Time. This allows West Coast students to purchase my training, and also allows me to fit my online MicroStation training to your schedule.

Getting Started with Online MicroStation Training

You can get started with my MicroStation training online with as little as 2 hours of instruction. This allows you to sample the service and determine if our online MicroStation training is for you. Contact us and we¡¯ll call you back immediately to discuss your precise training needs.

Online MicroStation Training Infrastructure

I use simple a simple phone call for delivering lectures and demonstrations using the latest version of MicroStation. I recommend that you have a speakerphone available so your hands are free during the training.

During course delivery, you are viewing my screen. You are watching the demo and listening to my descriptions as I speak over the phone. I occasionally give you control of the mouse and keyboard. There is also the option for you to display YOUR screen and hand ME the mouse and keyboard. These options make the course easy, and fun.

Setting up the connection takes at most 2 minutes as a student using my instructor-led, online MicroStation training system.


Pricing and Payment Terms for Online MicroStation Training

Now make no mistake about it: for every hour of online MicroStation training you purchase from me, you are saving at least 7 hours of struggling, and searching, and trial-and-error.

I charge $599 per 6.5 hour training day. You can start with a purchase of as little as 2 hours, to see if my online MicroStation training is for you. You can pay by check (by mail) or by credit card (via PayPal).

All MicroStation training online courses must be paid in full in advance of attendance.

The MicroStation training ¡°day¡± includes my lecture and demos, and your time spent on assigned exercises.


Online MicroStation Training: Tailoring and Customizations

I tailor each class to your precise requirements.


Contact Me

Contact me to discuss your specific situation, goals and objectives for using MicroStation.

I look forward to teaching you MicroStation, online.


Cliff Dexter


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